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The first step is always entering some basic information and then creating a unique name for the new account.

Entering your first and last names may seem straightforward but often times users are creating second accounts on behalf of an organization or employer. In that case, there are special business accounts that include additional features or it’s possible to include a corporate name or title as part of the standard entry form.

After entering the necessary personal information its time to come up with a special username. Importantly, it’s important to consider the primary use for the account when selecting an account address.

If the account is for business purposes, then it’s generally a good idea to keep the name rather bland or follow an established format such as: Not only will this appear more professional, it also allows contacts to easily locate your address and may reduce the chances of an email being flagged as spam incorrectly.

For personal accounts, people create all sorts of crazy titles to show off an aspect of their personality or generate a unique name that hasn’t already been used. Before choosing a funny or original address for an email take some time to consider the possible future use for the account. Even if it seems like a good idea now, there may be a time when the name isn’t such a knee slapper or may even leave a bad impression among prospective employers as well as peers.

After selecting a name, Gmail will require new users to generate a unique password. There are constraint, such as including a capital letter, number, or special character, but these are designed to enhance security not make your life more difficult. It can sometime be a struggle to come up with a strong one but thankfully there are many sites or tools that allow users to easily generate new log in credentials as well as securely store multiple passwords for different sites in the same place. Once the account is active, it is generally recommended that users change the password every 6-8 months.

Finally, Gmail requires a cell phone number in order to complete the registration process. While many users are understandably concerned with privacy, this is intended to help users easily retrieve or reset account information as well as allow Google to contact the user if there is ever any suspicious activity. For the same reason, the application form also requests any additional email addresses that may be in use by the same user but this information is not required as for many, the new Gmail account may be the only one.

Once all this information is submitted, the account is live. However, there are additional steps that users may wish to complete in order to include more information. Gmail allows users to select a unique theme, essentially a background image, that will show up on the homepage. There are hundreds of stock images to choose from or import one of your own.

If users have contacts stored on other accounts or in the cloud, Gmail makes it easy to sync with the new address. Simply enter the old account info and follow the steps to import existing contact lists or email chains.

Today, most emails are read on a device other than a computer. Due to its size and knack for innovation, Gmail has been able to create the most widely used mail app. Don’t have an Android powered phone? No worries, Gmail is available for download on IOS as well as other operating systems.

Although it’s not required, the final step is selecting a profile image. While it’s not required, a unique profile will make the account more personalized to the user as well as recognizable to those wishing to contact them. This will be displayed to anyone, so again, use discretion and consider how the account will be used.

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