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How To Delete Your Facebook Account

Are you interested in wiping your information off of Facebook? Facebook is definitely fun and exciting, but there is a possibility that you’ll want to delete your account at some point or another. Before attempting to delete your account, you should realize that your action will be permanent. All of your posts, videos, and pictures will be lost, unless you’ve saved them elsewhere. Below, you will learn how to delete your Facebook account.

What To Know First

Before deleting your Facebook account, you should figure out why you want to do so. Is there someone that is harassing you online? If this is case, you shouldn’t delete your account. Instead, you should consider blocking the individual in question. Click on the lock icon, which can be found on any page. Then, click on the link that mentions blocking someone that is bothering you. From there, you’ll be required to enter the person’s email address or name. Click on the individual’s account when it appears.

Remember that the individual in question will not be notified, after they’ve been blocked. You can also navigate to the individual’s profile and click on the “…” menu near their cover photo. This will also provide you with an option to block the person in question.

Things To Know First

While you’re at it, you should realize that deleting your account is not instant. Instead, Facebook will give you a certain period of time, before the information is removed. Your Facebook profile may remain visible until that specific time has elapsed. If you change your mind during this time frame, you can prevent your account from being deleting

Also, it is possible to save all of your data ahead of time. When attempting to delete your account, you will be provided with an option to save your information to your computer. It is recommended that you do so.

Deleting Vs Deactivating

Also, you should remember that you can deactivate your account instead of deleting it. Deactivation will be temporary, while deleting will be permanent. To reactivate your account, all you need to do is login. Deactivation is a good option for those that wish to take a break from the social media network.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account

If you’re serious about deleting your Facebook account, you should visit Facebook’s help section. Search for delete Facebook account and you should be provided with a wealth of information. The page will tell you how to download your information. Plus, you’ll be directed to a form, which will allow you to schedule for your account to be deleted. Again, your account will not be deleted instantly. You may need to wait for a day or two for your Facebook profile to completely disappear.

How To Delete The Facebook Mobile App

After you’ve deleted your account, you’ll also want to remove the app from your phone. Just access your phone’s settings. Then, venture over to your phone’s application manager. Select the Facebook app and choose uninstall. Remember that you can always reinstall the app at a later date by accessing your phone’s app store again.

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