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How To Delete Your Skype Account

Skype is an amazing program, which can be beneficial for a wide assortment of people. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that you will want to quit using Skype at some point in the future. If you’ve decided that you’ve had enough, you’ll want to delete your account right away. Be sure to refer to the information below, before attempting to delete your account!

Before Deletion

Before deleting your account, you should be made aware of the repercussions of doing so. First and foremost, you must remember that your Skype account is linked to your Microsoft account. Therefore, deleting your Skype account will also delete your other Microsoft accounts. This includes your Hotmail, Xbox, OneDrive, and Outlook account. Make sure that you save all of the data stored on these accounts before deleting it permanently.

Also, you should check out your Skype credit. If you have credit left or are locked into the AutoRecharge feature, you should make sure to take care of these ahead of time. Go ahead and use all of your Skype credit. Be sure to deactivate the Auto Recharge feature. This will help to prevent your credit card or PayPal account from being charged again in the future.


Are you trying to delete your account, because you’re being harassed online? If this is the case, you should realize that you can block people on Skype. This will allow you to prevent the harassment, so you do not have to delete your account permanently. It might not be necessary to completely delete your account. Just access the person’s profile and choose to block them. This will make it impossible for this individual to send you messages through the Skype program.

Skype Privacy

If you’re interested in deleting your account for privacy reasons, you should avoid doing so. You can easily hide your private information without needing to completely delete the account. Just access your Skype profile and remove your details. This will ensure that they’re no longer accessible to strangers.

Deleting Your Skype Account

If you’re adamant that you do indeed want to delete your Skype account, you should go ahead and access the account closing page. At this point, you’ll be required to sign into your account. Then, you’ll need to select the reason for deleting your account. Remember that your account will not be deleted instantly. Instead, you will have a specific duration to reactivate the account. If you want to save the account from being deleted, you can simply login once again.

How To Delete Skype From Windows

After your Skype account has been completely deleted, you’ll want to remove the associated software from your computer. Access your computer’s control panel and click on the Apps option. From there, you will be provided with a list of programs currently installed on your computer. Click on Skype and select uninstall. Within seconds, the Skype program will be completely removed from your computer.

How To Delete Skype For Mac

Deleting Skype from your Mac computer is a little different. First and foremost, you’ll need to login to your Mac computer’s administrator account. In most cases, you’ll already be logged in as the admin. Travel to your computer’s Application screen and remove the Skype icon. You will also need to remove the software through the control panel. Make sure that the trashcan is emptied and you’ll be finished.

How To Delete The iOS or Android Skype App

After your account has been deleted, you’ll also want to remove the iOS and Android app from your mobile phone. Access your phone’s settings menu and then click on applications. From there, you will need to find Skype. Click on Skype and choose to uninstall it. The phone will take care of everything else. Just remember that the instructions may deviate slightly from one phone to the next.

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