Delete Yahoo Mail

How To Delete Your Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo has one of the top email services in the world. Millions of people have and utilize a Yahoo Mail account. If you’ve decided that you want to delete your Yahoo Mail account, you’ll need to learn how to do so right away. Just remember that deleting your account will be permanent and all of your emails will be lost forever. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re absolutely positive that you want to delete the account for good in advance. When you’re ready, you should proceed below to learn how to delete the account.

Deleting It All

Remember that Yahoo offers various services. When deleting a Yahoo Mail account, you will also be deleting your account for Answers, Finance, and other Yahoo services. Make sure that you’re completely fine with losing access to these services too. It is impossible to only delete the Mail portion of the account. It is all or nothing.

How To Close Your Yahoo Mail Account

When you’re ready to delete your Yahoo Mail account, you’ll want to sign in to the account and access the Yahoo account termination page. You’ll be provided with a warning. Make sure that you read this information carefully. When you’re ready to continue, click on the Continue button. Now, you will be required to confirm your identity. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be provided with the option to terminate your account for good. Click on the link that says “Yes, terminate this account”.
Remember that you can reactivate the account within a period of 40 days. If you sign into your account during this period, your account will automatically be reactivated.

How To Delete The Yahoo Mail App From iOS or Android

Deleting the Yahoo Mail App from a mobile device is very easy. First and foremost, you should turn your phone on. Access the phone’s settings. Now, navigate to the applications settings. There, you will find a list of all of the applications that are installed on your mobile phone. Find the Yahoo Mail app and tap on it. Tap on the button to remove or uninstall the app. Let your phone do the rest.

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