If you want to join Facebook, you'll need to sign up for your own Facebook profile. This isn't hard to do. In fact, the entire process is really simple and straightforward and we're going to walk you through it today. It's all about creating a new account which makes it possible for you to login to Facebook whenever you want to catch up with friends, family and other connections and check out the latest news.

Facebook is fun and addictive and over a billion people have accounts. Created by Mark Zuckerberg and friends, it continues to dominate the social media landscape, year after year, in part because it's just so user-friendly and intuitive.

How to Get Started

Now, let's talk about how to Facebook login for the very first time...

In order to join Facebook, you'll need a piece of computer hardware, such as a computer or smart phone, and you'll need a Web connection. As well, you'll need a valid email address. If you have these, you're ready for the first step, which is visiting the official website of Facebook. Look for the "signup" tab and click on it.

  • Once you do, you'll have to fill in some required fields in order to create a new account. For example, you'll need to add your email address and your name.
  • As well, you'll need to indicate which gender you are, as well as your date of birth. Facebook makes it simple to add these personal details by offering drop-down menus. Use the menus in order to add the right information.
  • After you've accurately filled out all required fields, you'll need to enter a password. This should be something that you never share with other people. Also, you should keep a record of your password somewhere, so that you never forget it. As soon as you've created a strong password (we recommend using a combination of lower case and upper case letters, numbers and symbols), submit your information by clicking on the Sign Up icon, which is green.
  • At this point, you should be directed to your new profile page. Facebook will guide you through the setup process, by asking you a range of questions. Follow the directions in order to add as little or as much detail to your profile as you prefer. When you're done using Facebook, sign out.

Facebook Login

When you wish to sign back in (i.e. do a Facebook login), just visit the login page (Facebook's home page) and add your email address and password. Once you add it, you'll see your profile. If you forget your password, you may request that a new one be sent to your valid email address.

Facebook login

As you can see, it's just so easy to create a Facebook login for the first time!


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