As a user of Instagram, you most likely feel totally comfortable and safe utilizing the photo sharing application. While Instagram is generally very safe, it is incredibly important to pay close attention to your behavior. Filling out the Instagram change password form on a regular basis can be a good way to keep your account safe and secure. If you’ve never changed your password before, you will want to follow the guide below, so you can do so immediately.

Getting Logged In

If you remember your password and simply wish to change it for security reasons, you will want to go ahead and log in to your account. Visit the Instagram website or access the mobile application. From there, you will need to log in. Make sure you’re logged into the appropriate account, before attempting to change your password.

Access The Change Password Page

After you’ve successfully logged into your account, you will want to venture over to the appropriate page. Access your profile and scroll down. You will spot a setting labeled “Change Password”. Tap on this setting and you will be transported to the Instagram change password form.

edit instagram profile

Change Your Password

Now, you will need to fill out the short form displayed on your screen. Simply enter your current password and choose a new one. Be sure to enter both carefully to prevent problems. When creating a password, it is absolutely essential to create a combination that will be enormously difficult to guess.

Change password Instagram

Utilizing a mixture of letters, numbers, and punctuations marks is recommended.

After you’ve entered both passwords, you will want to tap on “Done”. This will effectively change your password. The next time you attempt to login to Instagram, you will be able to use the new password you have assigned to your account.

If You’re Unable To Log In

If you’re currently unable to log in to your account, you will need to reset the password first. This procedure will allow you to use your email address or Facebook account to reset your password and change it to something new. Open the mobile app or visit Instagram’s official website. On the login screen, you should simply select the option indicating you have forgotten your password.

Then, you will need to choose to reset the password via your Facebook account or email. Follow the instructions provided on the screen. After a few simple steps, you will be able to choose a brand-new password for your account. Again, be sure to use a strong password to prevent security breaches.


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