Over the past few years, social networking has become a staple of society. Today, millions of Americans wake up and check their social media profiles immediately. For many consumers, Instagram is their favorite social network. As any avid Instagram user knows, likes are enormously important. Without a sufficient number of likes, the user’s posts and pictures will go largely ignored. Simultaneously, likes can help to make a user’s pictures far more widespread and powerful. Getting likes can be surprisingly difficult. Users in Russia now have an easy way to solve the problem.

How They Work

Instagram is currently home to more than 50 million users. It was acquired by Facebook for one billion dollars in April of 2012. Two of the most popular features of Instagram are liking and following. Following other users is very common across all social networks. Once you’ve followed another user, you will automatically see their latest posts on your main screen. For Instagram influencers and businesses, followers and likes are equally important.
Likes help to increase the popularity of the user’s posts. As the number of likes increase, the picture will be distributed to a larger number of people
. Therefore, it is generally in the user’s best interest to maximize their followers and likes simultaneously. Usually, increasing one will lead to an increase in the other.

Instagram Popularity In Russia

Russians have taken a liking to the Instagram service. While Facebook and other social networking sites have been adapted slowly by Russians, Instagram has actually been a widespread hit throughout the country. In fact, in 2016, the website ranked number 9 out of the top 10 websites in Russia. Of the top 10 mobile apps, Instagram came in 6th with a total user base of nearly 5 million. In Russia, approximately 48% of all residents have a social networking account. By the year 2019, over 80% of Russians will use one social network or another.

Only 9 million Russians use Facebook. Instagram has been welcomed with open arms in the country and it is unlikely that this will end anytime soon. In fact, a recent revelation may make Instagram even more popular in Russia.

Instagram Vending Machines

If you are an avid shopper, you have probably encountered vending machines in malls, retail stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. These machines are installed with a variety of items, ranging from postage stamps to dog tags. However, none of them compare to the Russian vending machine, which offers Instagram likes and followers.

Thousands of people have invested in likes and followers for Facebook and Twitter, as well as Instagram. By taking this route to boost your follower base and draw attention to a particular post, you can actually boost your overall reputation on social media platforms.

Before the invention of this vending machine called Snatap, consumers had only one source to obtain Instagram likes and followers. Not only do the vending machine offer consumers convenience, but also provide discretion.

Renting A Snatap Vending Machine

If you have 14,000 rubles, $245 or £192 on-hand, you can even rent one of the Snatap vending machines and install it in your or someone else’s business. Who couldn’t use a little extra cash for shopping or educational purposes? So far, the vending machines have been installed in six different Russian cities, including St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ufa, Cheboksary, Saratov and Petrozavodsk.


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