Skype Gets A Complete Redesign – What To Know

Skype is undeniably one of the leading chat platforms on the planet. The software is used by countless individuals on a daily basis for numerous purposes, including professional and personal. The Skype platform has received a major overhaul that may make it unrecognizable for many. While many have been impressed by the design, a lot of users agree that it closely resembles Snapchat. This has led many to believe that Microsoft is attempting to revive the platform and make it more competitive with Facetime, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Everything you need to know will be provided below.

Many New Features

Skype has introduced a handful of new features in the latest update. Many of these features will feel very familiar to current and past users of Snapchat. Skype’s new capture option has greatly improved. When the user opens their phone’s camera and prepares to snap a picture or record a video, they’ll be presented with numerous design changes. During video recording, the user will see an uneven line that helps to determine the amount of time being recorded. This line is also visible when contacts are typing and when calls are trying to connect.

Another stark resemblance to Snapchat is the new stickers option. After a user has snapped a picture, they’ll have the option of spicing it up with stickers, comments, and other text. These fun icons can be added to video and still images.

Highlights Feature

Snapchat’s stories feature is immensely popular. In fact, it has become so popular that it was previous copied by Facebook. Now, Microsoft is following Facebook’s lead. The new Highlights feature in Skype gives users the ability to react to photos and video streams by utilizing unique emotions. The feature gives users to the ability to share their favorite pictures and videos for each day in a single place. Then, the user’s friends will have the option of responding with emoticons. Highlights pictures and other media will remain in place for a period of 7 days, before being removed.

Calls Made Easier

Skype has also taken steps to improve its calling feature. In the past, attempting to set up a three-way conversation through Skype was somewhat intricate and the interface was a little clumsy. This is no longer the case. Now, users can easily and quickly add new contacts to the call by simply dragging and dropping their name into the box. Simultaneously, the company has now integrated emoticons into the calls system. During a video conversation, users can flood the screen with smiley faces and other cute emoticons.

New Find Panel

Microsoft has taken steps to make Skype something unique. The Find Panel gives users the ability to perform a wide assortment of actions, without leaving the Skype application. By utilizing the Find Panel, users will be able to purchase concert tickets, plan an upcoming trip, and even look up delicious recipes. This will make the user’s life easier, while making Skype more useful than ever before.

The new updates are definitely impressive, but reactions have been mixed. Many have complained that Microsoft has refused to innovate and instead has relied too heavily on technologies that have already worked elsewhere.


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