If you're interested in enjoying one of the world's most popular and free online video chat applications, you'll love what Skype has to offer. This app is a lot of fun to use and it's very convenient as well. In order to sign up, you'll need a Skype account or a Facebook account or a Microsoft account.

When you follow our clear and detailed instructions, you'll be able to make a brand new-Skype login quickly.

The process is remarkably straightforward and simple, so you shouldn't run into any difficulties. We are here to show you what to do during every step of the process. Once you have your new account and Skype login, you'll be ready to enjoy everything that this exceptional video chat program has to offer.

How to Begin the Process

  • If you don't have an Skype Account yet. First, visit the official home page of Skype. Then, click on the link which says, "Join Us", which is located in the uppermost corner of the home page, on the right-hand side. When you click, you'll be directed to a "create an account" area automatically.

Login new Skype

Next, you'll need to select your login preference and you'll have a trio of choices. Choose to login via Facebook, use an existing account for Microsoft or create a dedicated account which is only for Skype. If you choose Facebook or Microsoft, your existing login data will be enough to complete this step of account creation.

Login Skype details

If you want to create a Skype account, just add information as the system prompts you. You'll have to add your first name, your last name, a valid email address which will be private, your country name and your preferred language. There are also optional online fields for date of birth, male or female, city and smart phone number. Fill these out only if you wish to.

If you travel between countries frequently, select the nation where you'll be using the Skype service the most.

  • If you already have a skype account just click on the link which says, "Use Skype Online" (if you already download the Skype App, just enter the app in your mobile device or computer).

Login Skype

And now, just enter the login details.

Skype login details

Decide How to Use Skype

  1. Next, let the system know your plans for using Skype. Some people use it for personal reasons, while others rely on it for business. When you add a preference, Skype will be able to gather information which assists the Skype team with offering even better service in the future. This field is optional, so you don't need to add the information if you don't want to.
  2. Next, create your preferred name for Skype. This is the name that others will see while you're using the app and it will also help people to find you at the Skype platform. Your name will be public and you won't be able to alter it once it's created.
  3. The next step is creating a password. Try to make it a strong one which is hard to hack. Skype will guide you through the process of creating a good password.
  4. After this, you'll be asked to decide whether or not you want to get mail via Skype. Check or uncheck the box, depending on your preference.
  5. The next step is entering a captcha. This is to ensure that you aren't a "bot". If you have trouble deciphering the captcha, you may click to request another one.
  6. Lastly, you'll need to review the app's Terms of Service, as well as its privacy policy. Hit "I agree" if you're content with the terms and conditions.

Once you've followed these steps, you'll be primed to download the utilize the app.


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